Church Reporter: These Leon County "churches" took govt' money. (Video of Billy Graham & Johnny Cash in Doak Campbell)

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-PUBLIC RECORD REQUEST- Leon County Florida.

Who took the covid money? Where did OUR tax money go? Wake up and ask yourself "who has my money?!"

Here is who took it.

Dr. Elaine Bryant was appointed to fill the space after Scott Maddox was arrested on tax theft (She was not voted in). She is the selected task force leader on this project.

Fact: Elain Bryan operates using her personal email for government business; we can not request these emails relating our public tax funds because she chooses to not operate ethically. Public officials should use public accessible email accounts. When asking the public records person about this, he said it's common practice that the commission uses personal emails.

Ask Leon County directly about this- don't take anyone's word because the media outlets lie (even the ones who tell you they are the good guys). Don't trust me or anyone- Trust Jesus only and verify all information issued by this government.

Public Relations: Mathieu Cavell

Our tax money was used to give all these organizations $5,000 to promote the injection. State money was used to influence "church leaders". Sounds more like embezzlement and corruption. Constitutional "Separation of Church and State" is to protect churches from governmental influences. 

These so-called-"churches" and Faith-based-leaders took your tax money.

• ALARM International Church.

• Ayoka Afrikan Drum and Dance, Inc.

• Bethelonia AME Church

• Black Men’s Health 🤔

• Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Bend 🤔

• Callen Homeowners Association 🤥

• China Hill Primitive Baptist Church

• Fresh Oil Ministry

• Higher Dimension Church Tallahassee

• Javacya Arts Conservatory 🤥

• Kingdom Life Tabernacle

• Life Changers Church of God in Christ

• Life Church International Center

• Love & Faith Community Church

• Mt. Horeb Primitive Baptist Church

• New Birth Tabernacle of Praise

• Oasis Christian Center

• Philadelphia Primitive Baptist Church

• Positive Chuck LLC 😵‍💫

• Prayer Temple COGIC

• Providence Neighborhood Association 🤥

• Shady Grove # 1 Primitive Baptist Church

• True Light Ministries of Jesus Christ, Inc

• University Ministries International

• Victory House Community Resource Center

• ALARM International Church

• AHEC Scholars of Big Bend Area Health & Education Center 🙄

• Brain Building Consulting 🤥 (This is a church?! Look into their connection with Kristin Doziers Bulldog construction company and how many govt jobs they have that weren't for public bid. )

• Creative Minds Solutions, Inc. 🤥

• Dream Builders Greatness Family Affairs 😵‍💫

• Female Voices Early Intervention and Enhancement Program, Inc. 🤥

• NAACP Tallahassee 🤫 (Dont you dare discuss the "Colored People" groups or you will be labeled a racist and they will beat down your mailbox like mine was. Note: 2020 "Republican" primary canidate Marva Preston (lifelong democrat) and her so-called-church called BLM a "peaceful protest")

• Mount Olive Housing and Community Development Corporation

• Pivotal Point Enterprises, Inc. 😮‍💨

• Victory House Community Resource Center 😶


110% of the current commission share the same finance team and many local democrats and republicans share the same CPA by a person named "Gay", so ask this Gay CPA what's up with this? (I was a banker in town and Gillum's accounts were fun to look at and FWD to FBI). I was the guy they arrested in Tallahassee with a bench warrant for flying a flag on my own car ....

Tax is THEFT... and then the thieves operating the stolen tax money from We The People lie to embessle our money to their buddy's wallets.

No personal opinions, only facts! (Or I'd suggest we arrest them all like what the FBI is doing in Bay County) Prove me wrong.

Benjamin Horbowy "Big Ben"


I refuse all political contributions and I am not a registered candidate at this time to protect my supporters. In 2020 local anti-american-political-bullies used public record contributions for my state senate campaign to get people fired from their state jobs and harass people at work/home/kid's schools. I'm operating legally as a community based think tank and ordained minister.

Benjaminites are Truth Crusaders advocating for honesty in both Church and State.

Have you heard of recovery groups who uninvite God from the room and worship a "higher power".... The devil is also a higher power, so I reject that. I believe in the one and only True God and His son who was fully God and fully man, Jesus.

Devil preys on our sheep. Not on my watch! This Benjaminite ravenous wolf shall protect the family.

Please Join Our Prayer Circle

Video Billy Graham in Tallahassee with Johnny Cash and June Carter. She said it feels like hell was two miles away from Doak Campbell (she was referring to the State Capital with the Masonic corner stone).

Dear God, Please send me the tools and people needed to build your Kingdom of Truth & Light. I give the front line report to daily via text, emails, videos, and multiple social media accounts. It's not enough; we are out numbered and I'm growing tired of doing the work of 100 Benjaminites alone. I shall continue your calling for me, I ask for a breath of the Holy Spirit to fill my lung to evangelize to the whole universe. Also- my future wife is in the hospital at this moment fighting for her Life. Please tend to her needs before mine. I love you with all my heart. These tears are real. Amen!

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